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Somewhere in the Skies

Nov 11, 2019

On episode 134 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we hear from four witnesses who had UFO or close encounter experiences dropped in to their laps that changed them forever. From a strange being peering in to the home of an individual to accounts of boomerang-shaped craft and missing time. A mother reads us a letter from her daughter who had her life changed over night with a singular UFO experience. And a trio of sightings leaves one former police officer on a lifelong journey to find answers. It's all here and all told from the mouthes of those who experienced it. This is another very personal and powerful volume of witness accounts. 

Special thanks to those who contributed their stories to this episode. If you would like to share your story on the show, please contact Ryan personally at the website:


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Opening Theme Song, "Ephemeral Reign" by Per Kiilstofte

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