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Somewhere in the Skies

Oct 15, 2018

On episode 78 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we continue our Halloween series with another spooky story from Andrew, who encountered possible demonic activity connected to a painting of The Last Supper. Ryan then interviews the most prolific paranormal podcaster in the world, Jim Harold.

Jim is the creator and host of the Paranormal Podcast, which boasts almost 600 episodes over the span of thirteen years. In that time, he has collected some of the strangest and spookiest stories from guests and listeners alike. And today, we hear a handful of them as we sit around the virtual campfire and continue our countdown to Halloween.

Guest Bio: Jim Harold has had a lifelong love affair with the strange, the supernatural and the unexplained. The Paranormal Podcast, and Jim Haroldʹs Campfire are regularly among the top podcasts in their categories on iTunes, often outranking programs from mainstream media publishers. He's also authored five books containing countless stories of the strange that he's chronicled throughout his many years of interviews and listener submissions. He has since spawned various other podcasts including true crime, UFOs, conspiracies, cryptids, and ancient mysteries. His favorite pastime is terrifying his listeners with creepy Campfire stories. To learn more, visit:

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