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Somewhere in the Skies

Jul 3, 2017

On Episode 12 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES: In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the 1947 Roswell crash, Ryan speaks with documentary filmmaker, Simon Sharman. They discuss his new film, Cosmic WhistleblowersWhat began as one final attempt to interview the last living witnesses of the Roswell UFO incident of 1947 unexpectedly turns into a two-year investigation of the UFO investigators themselves, in what some have said is the most revealing documentary ever made about the UFO issue. With incredible interviews given by retired military personnel with Top Secret clearance, ex-NASA officials and others who became embroiled in this extraordinary event, Cosmic Whistleblowers is the final and perhaps last chance at discovering the truth on the biggest UFO mystery of the last century.

Guest Bio: Simon Sharman grew up in the 1970s on a tv and film diet of Space 1999Star Wars, and Alien, but it was 1960s tv series, The Invaders, that sticks in his mind over all the rest. During his early twenties whilst studying a business degree, he realized he wanted to make films more than making money. Since then, he's made countless films in the form of tv broadcasts across major UK channels. His work covered producing live format studio shows, music documentaries, entertainment series and even directing shoots on real life crime shows. And whilst all this was happening he was still finding the time to build what eventually became a substantial personal library on the UFO subject. He started researching UFO material in 1989 and never stopped.  Being the one topic he doesn't get bored of, he decided it was probably a good idea to make his films about this. Cosmic Whistleblowers was his debut feature film on the subject. To view the film and learn more about Simon, visit:

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