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Somewhere in the Skies

May 15, 2017

On episode five of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan introduces us to a UFO sighting that occurred in 2004 in which the Mexican Air Force reported eleven UFOs during a routine patrol flight. Infrared cameras mounted on the plane were able to capture the UFOs. Radio transmissions and an official report given to the Mexican Secretary of Defense made this a very intriguing case that received very little attention in the United States. 

The UFO topic is often seen through very western eyes within the United States. But many extraordinary cases have occurred both on the southwestern border and through the skies and grounds of Mexico. And one individual who has looked extensively into these cases is Ruben Uriarte. In this episode, he and Ryan discuss the strange case known as the Cisco Grove incident, in which a UFO witness spent an entire night fighting off an entire fleet of alien humanoids and a robot-looking being. Ruben also speaks of the 1975 Carlos de los Santos case in which a pilot encountered three saucer-shaped UFOs surrounding his plane. They end the conversation talking about a lesser known UFO crash over the town of Coyame in which a mid-air collision supposedly took place between a conventional plane and an unknown aircraft.

Guest Bio: Ruben Jose Uriarte graduated from Cal State University at Hayward/East Bay with a B.A. degree in Psychology and Latin American Studies. Ruben is a member of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) as a Field Investigator, State MUFON Director for Northern California and Deputy Director of Investigations/International Affairs. Ruben has been involved with a large network of research organizations and served as a California State Coordinator for Crop Circle Phenomena Research International. He was a former research director for Beyond Boundaries, a company specializing in taking tour groups to various UFO "hotspots" around the world. Ruben currently serves as a board member for OPUS (Organization for Paranormal and Support Understanding). He as authored a number of books, co-written with Texas UFO researcher Noe Torres, about major UFO crashes and other historical cases that have occurred along the borders of the United States and Mexico. To learn more, visit:

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