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Somewhere in the Skies

Feb 25, 2019

On episode 97 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan speaks with author, pop-science writer, and space flight historian, Amy Shira Teitel. Amy tells us how her interest in space history first began, what it's like competing in a male-dominated field, her thoughts on private space exploration, and she even runs us through some strange UFO-related events she came across in her vast array of research. We round things out talking about her latest book, Breaking the Chains of Gravity: The Story of Spaceflight Before NASA

Guest Bio: Amy Shira Teitel is an expert in the history of science, with a lifelong passion for spaceflight. She has written for a number of online and print publications including Discovery News SpaceAl-JazeeraThe Guardian, and Universe Today. She runs a thriving YouTube channel and blog (both called Vintage Space) and has appeared on the Discovery Channel, the Military channel, SyFy, and the Science channel, and she is a host on DNews, Discovery Channel's online daily news show. Amy was also an embedded journalist on the New Horizons team, bringing the excitement of humanity's first mission to Pluto to the space-loving public. She lives in Pasadena, California. Follow her on Twitter @AmyShiraTeitel


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